Family Promise Metrowest offers a unique opportunity for busy families to volunteer together. Whether you want to volunteer for a few hours or are looking for an ongoing opportunity for your family to engage in making real change, there are many ways to join us as family volunteers.

At Our Congregations

Every evening, our families are sheltered in congregations where classrooms are converted to bedrooms and meals are provided by volunteers. Families move every Sunday to a new congregation throughout the metrowest area, offering your family a convenient opportunity to volunteer close to home.

Meal Preparation: Does your family enjoy cooking together? You can prepare a meal at home as a family and deliver it to a host congregation. Meals are provided every evening at one of our eighteen host congregations, so it’s easy to find one near you.

Dinner Hosting: When families arrive at the congregation, volunteers greet them, have dinner together, and stay for the evening until around 9:00. During this time you can get to know our families, play games with younger children, and offer support as needed, allowing families to relax after a long day.

Room Set-Up or Break-Down: Energetic adults and older children are always needed in our congregations to break down guest bedrooms on Sunday mornings or to set up bedrooms on Sunday afternoons.

At Our Day Center

Our offices and family day center are in Natick Center. The day center is our families’ home during their stay at Family Promise Metrowest. It’s where they keep their belongings, meet with case managers, get ready for their day at work or school, and relax on the weekends. Volunteers are needed in our day center to provide administrative and friendly support when our staff is not available. There are many ways to help out:

Office Volunteers: On the weekends, adult volunteers can help us with answering the phone and being a welcoming presence for our guests while their children can engage in activities with younger guests.

Volunteer and Paid Babysitters: If one of your children enjoys babysitting, you can volunteer to babysit together while our guest parents participate in workshops or meetings at the Day Center. For teens 18 and over, paid babysitters are often needed while parents attend a class or work during school vacations.

At Our Annual Walkathon

If your family enjoys physical activity, we suggest you join us in April for our annual walkathon. This is a wonderful community event with food, music, and activities for the children. With over 1,000 people attending last year’s event, your family will be part of a community committed to ending family homelessness.

For more information, please call 508-318-4820 or email [email protected].