Our partners include a broad and diverse array of individual and family supporters, who offer us resources of every kind: time, money, energy, professional support, and deep compassion for our families. They are the very backbone of our organization, putting their hands and hearts into helping us deliver the “community response to homelessness” that has guided our mission since 2008.

Volunteering for Family Promise does not feel like work at all. I have learned and laughed so much with all these families and feel so much more enriched by this experience. They have given me more than I imagined possible.”

Faridah Kassim, Volunteer
Supporting community is important to our family. The only way to truly do that is to support all people, at all stages and phases of their lives. Family Promise lifts up those who need it most—entire families—so they can have the chance they need to move forward. We are all strengthened by the love and kindness they offer to those in their programs.”

Jessica Collins, Donor

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