Our four programs provide a continuum of support to families in varying stages of housing instability, from shelter services to transitional support to preventing the loss of a family’s home or a family's entry into shelter. We are distinct in our approach to addressing housing issues in three primary ways:

  1. We emphasize a community approach to solving the crisis of family homelessness. We tap community resources to help us house our families, and call upon the kindness and generosity of scores of individuals in the communities we serve to provide meals, professional advice, and supportive companionship for families in crisis.
  2. We provide intensive family coaching that focuses on identifying the root causes of our families’ homelessness or near-eviction and addresses those challenges in a systematic, goal-oriented manner to ensure long-term, sustainable change.
  3. We evaluate and accept families into our programs primarily based on their motivation to tackle their challenges. We believe that families from all backgrounds and experiences can work their way into a better future if they are focused, goal-oriented, and hard-working.