What We Do

Our Programs

We offer a continuum of programs to support families facing housing insecurity.

Our approach to addressing family homelessness and housing instability is simple. We believe motivated, hard-working families can move out of poverty and into stable homes if they are given encouragement, guidance, and the resources to reach their goals. We know if we all take a role in addressing this issue as a community, we can change lives permanently. Family Promise Metrowest is distinct in its approach to addressing housing instability in three primary ways:

  1. We emphasize a community approach to solving the crisis of family homelessness. We use the existing resource of empty congregational classrooms to house our families, and call upon the kindness and generosity of scores of individuals in the communities we serve to provide meals, professional advice, overnight staffing, and supportive companionship for families in crisis.
  2. We provide intensive case management that is focused on identifying the root causes of our families’ homelessness or near eviction and addressing those challenges in a systematic, goal-oriented manner, in order to ensure long-term, sustainable change.
  3. We evaluate and accept families into our programs primarily based on their motivation to change. We believe that families from all backgrounds and experiences can work their way into a better future if they are focused, goal-oriented, and hard-working.