The Steps to Success Program was established in 2015 to provide a comprehensive approach to employment and education that helps parents maximize their earning potential for long-term sustainability.

The Program Coordinator works with parents when they enter shelter to offer guidance in career exploration based on their strengths, interests, and experience. Once a parent has identified their chosen employment path, staff and volunteers provide interviewing, resume building, and soft-skills coaching to ensure that guests confidently and accurately represent their skills to potential employers. Guests then begin the job application process, seeking opportunities both through conventional job listings and through accessing FPM’s broad network of volunteers and business partners.

When an offer is made, the Program Coordinator assists families in evaluating the offer and benefits to be certain the new job will support both their short- and long-term goals. Transportation and day care needs for the new position are also evaluated with the Program Coordinator and Case Manager so that a comprehensive view is taken of the new job and how it will impact the family.


The Steps to Success program also supports parents in exploring educational and training opportunities that will advance their employment goals. The coordinator assists guests in identifying and enrolling in relevant programs, and accessing scholarships and other community resources. FPM then provides tuition subsidies, as needed. To ensure success, FPM also subsidizes the cost of child care and transportation to reduce this barrier to further education.

In addition to working with parents, the Steps to Success program offers support to our middle and high school students, inspiring them to pursue their own paths to a future career. We have established relationships with the Metrowest YMCA, the Metrowest College Planning Center at Framingham State, and the YouthWorks program to access career exploration camps, summer internships, youth leadership programs, and college coaching.

The Steps to Success program is available to families in our Shelter, SEAL program, or LIFE programs. On an annual basis, approximately 18-20 adults and 6-10 children are served by this program.