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Kathy Rodman

Family Program Assistant

Kathy began her career in systems analysis for Aetna Health Plans after earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Providing leadership to user communities, integrating business requirements into information systems design, and developing system usability testing were integral parts of her early career. She channeled her experience in these areas into a role at Partners Healthcare where she focused on cultivating strong relationships across many groups of people in order to optimize system accessibility to physicians and patients. After becoming a mother, she shifted her focus to raising her children while continuing to invest in her community by mentoring, leading small groups, and fostering relationships among broad groups of people. She came to Family Promise several years ago as a volunteer at our Day Center and currently serves as the volunteer coordinator for Milestone Church, one of our support congregations. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others by helping them to shift their trajectories, experience hope, and ultimately thrive.

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