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Bianca Hudson

Bianca Hudson

Shelter/SAIL Programs Coordinator

Bianca comes to Family Promise as a former Assistant Director in the Early Childhood Education field. As a young child, she always knew she wanted to be a Teacher. After attending Wheelock College, she became a teacher in the field, acquired her first classroom at the age of 18, and worked her way up to Assistant Director. She has served on various boards and committees to promote diversity and was instrumental in the accreditation process to improve the quality of several Early Learning Centers. She has advocated for many families to receive early intervention and special needs services within their school districts.

While working in the early childhood field, Bianca realized that there were many different avenues of serving children and their families. Thus her passion for human services was born. During Covid-19 her center was shut down for a few months, which granted much time for self-reflection of what was truly important for herself, her family, and her community. She decided to branch out and become a part of the Family Promise team. 

In reflecting on her new role, Bianca shares that "Family Coaches meet families where they are. Families need someone to partner with them. When I think of the word coach, I think of someone who is uplifting, inspiring, empowering, understanding, and compassionate. Someone who knows that 'life has its obstacles but with opportunities most hurdles can be turned into trophies of achievements.'  Being the Shelter/SAIL  family coach allows me to help families navigate finding equitable and sustainable housing opportunities. This work is truly in my heart."

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