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Amy Miller

Amy Miller

Director of Communications and Development

Amy Miller is a dedicated advocate for social change, bringing extensive experience and commitment to all her endeavors. With over two decades in the non-profit sector, Amy combines her direct service experience and administrative skills to support community and organizational advancement. Her career choices have consistently been shaped by identifying roles and opportunities to drive programs and resources toward building equitable communities.

As a team member and leader, she has cultivated a collaborative approach to all projects she undertakes, from designing and implementing programs in the community, crafting and disseminating messages, and assessing program and organizational effectiveness. She has been successful in helping develop coalitions of diverse individuals and groups to work together to pass legislation to improve protections for LGTBQ communities, develop and fund workforce development programs to support learners and workers in various stages, as well as increase funding streams to support needs in the community. She is able to do this because she approaches the work engaging and listening to those who are directly impacted by our programs and policies.

In recent years, Amy has focused her career in Development, recognizing that her organizational and communication skills are well-suited for fundraising. Applying her community organizing model toward development, she has successfully cultivated relationships with donors and foundations, to address gaps in resource allocation for historically marginalized communities.

Amy has her Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Relations with a concentration in Social Policy and Planning and a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Community Organizing and Public Policy from the University of Connecticut. She currently lives in Natick with her partner and their two children, and together they look for ways they can positively impact their local community.

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